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    Turn Travel Data Into Action
About Air Cube
Air Cube combines outstanding expertise in business intelligence and data mining together with a keen business understanding of pricing and travel distribution supported by three decades of combined experience in the airline and travel sector. We process and enrich over 1 billion data points per day and deliver cutting-edge visualization solutions to facilitate and accelerate decisions and help airlines and revenue management experts to turn travel data into action.

Air Cube & Bridge Labs
ATPCO has been anchored in the story of Air Cube since its foundation in 2011. Air Cube has been involved with Bridge Labs very soon after its inception. Being an active participant of Bridge Labs allowed us to accelerate our business and offerings to the travel industry.

Ramping up the scale while overcoming the challengers

Volume of data is increasing in an exponential manner in our industry. Therefore, one of the major challenges is to cope with “big data” in a seamless way for both our solutions and from an end-user perspective. ATPCO’s Total Price Calendar Search API allowed us to smoothly ramp up from a low volume of transactions to high volumes.


Returning Value to The Industry

Being part of Bridge Labs enabled us to explore new opportunities in the market and helped us look at ATPCO data at a new angle. The Bridge Labs team offers a diversity of expertise that helps us not only in the technical field but also on our business approach. We all speak the same IT and business travel language and we’re glad to contribute to the Bridge Labs mission of returning value to the industry.


From Proof of Concept
to Business Solution

Extracting data from ATPCO’s Total Price Calendar Search is a much more flexible way of consuming fare-related data than flat files are. First, it perfectly fits the way we collect data from all our providers through modern and efficient APIs. Furthermore, the data returned is already pre-computed by ATPCO, which significantly simplifies the processing on our side.

Air Cube CEO Jerome Perez presents in the
2018 ATPCO Bridge Labs Innovation Showcase

Air Cube processes and enriches data while delivering cutting-edge visualization solutions to facilitate and accelerate C-level decisions in airline pricing and distribution.

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Our Leadership

Jérôme Perez founded Air Cube in 2011 after more than 20 years working for key players of the air transport in engineering, marketing, and management positions. It was the combination of his strong expertise in business intelligence and data processing and a keen understanding of airline pricing and distribution that led him to start the Air Cube adventure seven years ago and address a growing need of airlines and retailers for highly aggregated visual analytics solutions combining multiple data sources.

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