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  • Ready For Your Travel Idea To Take Off?

    You’ve got an awesome idea. Bridge Labs has the industry expertise, technology,
    data, connections, reach, and resources to get it off the ground.

This is the place for early-stage startups, emerging companies, technology innovators, and airline team players.
It’s your one-on-one bridge to

Your Destination: Bridge Labs


Real Data

From the source
Data your way through APIs, calculators, data products and analytics

Unrivaled Reach

To the industry
ATPCO’s guided access to a network of 430+ airlines

Industry Insights

From the leaders
An advisory team who will mentor you and support your ideas

Instant Distribution

To the ecosystem
Co-marketing to our 525+ connections in the airline community

Take The Innovation On-Ramp

With our unrivaled reach and expertise in airline pricing data and distribution, we can provide the on-ramp to fuel innovation while helping you


Get your startup to gain traction

Work your young company to IPO

Establish your role as an industry leader

Focus on taking travel to the next level

What makes up the Bridge Labs ecosystem?

Early-stage Startups and Innovators
Young Companies Seeking Establishment
Systems & Technology Partners

The Bridge Labs Community

Innovation comes through industry collaboration – come join us!

Discover Bridge Labs’ Unique APIs

Join our community and discover data your way with our open systems. Access real data from 430+ airlines, explore calculations, search across 331 days, and more.

Routings Engine

Verifies that a route path is valid for a fare’s routing number.

Fare Rule Merge API

Provides association of fares with rules and footnotes to Specified, Constructed, and Fare by Rule Fares for a given market.

Journey Engine

Generates possible routes and itineraries including online, codeshare, and interline for a given origin and destination.

Record 3 Search API

Retrieves ATPCO Record 3 tables and can be used with the Fare Rule Merge to include the rules and footnotes details.

Carrier-Imposed Fees Calculation Engine

Determines matching carrier-imposed fees record sequences and calculates total carrier-imposed fees for given itineraries.

Specified and Constructed Fares API

Creates a list of Specified Fares and Constructed Fares for a given market.

Total Price Calendar Search Engine

Calculates all total prices, with breakdowns included, for itineraries over travel time for specific markets, routes, and dates.

Fares & Rules

One of our traditional data sets, combines all published fares in a market with rule data, an ideal feed for big data problems such as Revenue Management and Fulfillment Analysis.

So Let’s Get Started!


Together, you and the Bridge Labs team will discuss goals and see if it’s a good match to join the program.


If selected, you gain access to the industry’s leading source of pricing and distribution data.


As you use our APIs, engines, and calculators, the Bridge Labs team provides full support.


When your idea takes off, Bridge Labs will help promote it with 525+ industry connections!

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